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Special orders

Special orders

Making a Special order is a new service that enables you to request a certain type of product or style that is either out of stock or the product isn’t provided by our manufacturers. In this case, you can simply contact us giving all the details of the desired products( quantity and prices), so we start making the best deal for you with one of our manufacturers.

Terms and conditions

-        Exemore contracts with expert manufacturers who can deliver and produce the required products in the said time.

-        Note that ordering 300 hundred pieces is the minimum quantity, so the manufacturer can accept your request.

Benefits of making special orders with Exemore

-         We offer you a pre-service in which you can require a sample with the said specifications, that is sent to you through DHL, so you can check the quality before making the deal.

-         Our teams grant you the highest fabric quality

-         You are entitled to ask for specific designs that include colours, sizes, and specific embellishments.

-          Our quality team is responsible for checking the manufacturing process to ensure matching your requirements.

How to make a special order?

-         Submit a proposal mentioning all the specifications of the wanted details.

-         Thereafter, the responsible team will contact you to confirm the order discussing the details including both the manufacturing costs of the sample and shipping fees.

-         Sending a confirmation to the manufacturer is done directly after transferring the cost.

-         Then, The sample is made and shipped to the said place.

-         To proceed and make a special order of a big quantity that isn’t less than 300 pieces as mentioned above, you have to pre-transfer the cost to our bank account or through one of the available payment methods so the manufacturer can start producing the wanted quantity.

-         Upon the request, Exemore starts contacting the manufacturer by itself to ensure the required quality.

-         All products undergo a screening process before being shipped.

-        We sent the shipment to the shipping company.

Make your special wholesale clothing order now.