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Exemore grants the privilege of shipping to the desired place. Additionally, We provide facilities related to export procedures. shipping service isn't limited to our permanent customer, and any user can ask for such a service.

Exemore Shipping benefits

(i) Shipping Abroad

If you are planning to ship your product to any place in the world, it’s AVAILABLE now with Exemore.

(ii)Different shipping methods

You can choose between Airfreight, overseas, overland, express shipping. Additionally, you can know, through Exemore’s system, the available shipping methods in the targeted country and the shipping cost.

(iii) Competitive Prices

Exemore filters the available shipping companies in the market to provide the user with affordable shipping prices. Our collaboration with shipping companies is governed by contractual terms to warrant receiving the shipment in a good condition without damages.

(IV) Fast Shipping

Shipping companies are committed to delivering the shipment abroad in the said period unless the company faces a technical issue.

(V) Know Your Cost

Exemore provides a free option that enables the customer to calculate the shipping charges, before purchasing, by adding the shipment weight and the selected shipping method.