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Payment policy

Exmore aims to provide more facilities for wholesalers around the world by offering different payment methods that warrant a secure and easy apparel procurement.

Our payment methods allow all the wholesalers to conduct safe commercial transactions effortlessly. as Exemore provides three payment methods:

1-bank transfer



You can pay using multiple options that guarantee a secure transfer in accordance with the applicable e-commerce laws, the user can choose the most suitable and easy method accordingly.

Payment Methods

The Payment process differs according to the selected method; therefore, it is necessary that the customers understand and acknowledge each method.

1-Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is allowed in all Exemore’s transactions, and since it requires the user to transfer the sum to one of Exemore’s bank accounts; therefore, it’s commonly used when it comes to paying more than the allowed balance in different the credit cards

The next procedure is followed to save the customer's money: money is transferred after 48 hours of selecting the item on our marketplace; and during these two days Exemore team works to ensure that the manufacturer is able to supply the order, particularly if the order is a huge one that needs Time

2-Pay Using Your Bank Account

The customer selects the bank transfer option, after that he/she receives a message on Exemore showing that the order takes two days. During these two days, Exemore’s logistics team is working to grant the manufacturer’s ability to produce the selected item with the said description. thereafter, a message is sent to the customers to notify them that the factory is ready to produce the order, in addition; the bank account information is sent to the customer to complete the transfer process.

During the transaction, the customer understands and accepts that he/she is responsible to pay the sum with the transfer charge included.

the user attaches the receipt of the bank transfer to his account, then he/she receives a message of confirmation. After that, Exemore team works to monitor the order preparation in the manufacturer, and the user can track the order step by step accordingly. Exemore Quality experts shall review the order processing to ensure required specification and the order’s arrival at the designated place of receipt.

If the bank account information is sent to the buyer, he/ she shall pay within 4 days and after that, the order would be cancelled automatically within our system. if the customer still needs the order, then he can replace the order.

3- E-Payment System

You can pay with a credit card, designated for electronic payment through selecting the e- payment option, thereafter, a new section will open thereupon you can fill in the relevant information.

Upon completion of the payment process, Exemore Will send you a message on the online store confirming that payment has taken place successfully.  Thereafter, Exmore team works to monitor the order processing in the manufactory; hence, the user can track the order step by step. Exemore Quality experts shall review the order processing in accordance with the rule hereinabove.

Exemore allows all the customers to pay using a PayPal account through the PayPal section that will guide the user to another section whereupon he can create a PayPal account. Upon completion of the payment process, Exemore Will send you a confirmation message on the online store.

4- Exemore Wallet

Exemore guarantees the user an easy, secure, and cashless payment method when he uses Exemore Wallet. Exmore wallet users can save their money in the wallet and use it to purchase any item from the online store whenever they like. Moreover, users can receive their refunds back through their wallets.

Exemore wallet is an account through which the user can either pay or receive money using the wallet. Exemore Wallet aims to save our customer’s time and effort. Exemore Wallet benefits the user by adding points to his account upon the completion of the purchase order, thereafter he can use the earned points as a discount coupon to purchase items from Exemore.

Payment Conditions

Note that an order cannot be cancelled if the payment has taken place because of the preparation cycle that the order gets in immediately after the payment. hereby, Exemore is committed to refunding the customer his money with the transfer fees included in case of payment cancellation due to the hereinafter two cases:(i)the unavailability of the product  and (ii) the manufacturer is unable to supply the order

-In order to facilitate the purchase, Exemore allows using Exemore wallet as the customer can add the money in his account to do purchase at any time he wishes, and see the payments and the remaining balance in his/her account. if the product is not available, the customer receives his money back automatically.

-Exemore Cash wallet through which he can do purchase at any time. Note that the customer shall pay the transfer fees of the bank to place the order.

-The customer is committed to doing the bank transfer within 4 days after receiving the bank account data on the user’s Exmore Account. After the expiration of the given period, the order is automatically cancelled through the procurement management system

-If the user opts to pay with one of the e-payment options, or PayPal account, 3% of the value of the transferred amount is automatically deducted from the total amount as a transfer charge that gets incurred by Exemore. But if money is returned and the order is cancelled, the purchaser incurs the 3%, as Exemore did in the payment.

-Payment using the bank transfer option is permitted only with the dollar currency.

-Any transactions that the user conducts outside Exemore store must be at his own risk, and Exemore isn’t liable by any means for whatever the consequences are.

-All the payments and transfer methods on Exemore are subject to the international E-commerce laws that ensure the users’ money and rights during the transactions.

-We don’t recommend contacting or transferring money to any vendor without Our consultation, and doing so must be at your own risk.

-Users shall provide their information accurately when it comes to payment, accordingly they manage to receive the refund in case of order cancellation.

-Exemore is responsible to safeguard users' money and tracking all the payments to notify the user of the amount that he paid and the remaining balance in the wallet.

-When a user creates a personal account on Exemore, he can conduct purchases using different payment methods. It’s not recommended to share your account details with anyone, and it must be at the user's risk if he did so.

-Exmore is responsible to safeguard any transaction or payment occurring on Exemore Marketplace. Note that Exemore accepts no warranty or obligation for any forms of personal communications or transactions that the user conducts with the vendors and manufactories’ owners to place an order without Exemore's consultation and reference.


What currency do you accept?

All transfers are conducted in dollars, and if the user opts to pay with his/her bank account, it's a must to convert the currency. For more facilitation, our website enables you to know the products' price in the currency you choose to pay with.

How can I know that the money has been transferred?

Upon the payment, Exemore sends a message on the user account on Exemore and his own email confirming the payment process by which the user can track the order processing.

Does the order get immediately purchased upon payment?

Upon payment, which is the final step to purchase, Exemore system initiates and monitors the order manufacturing and processing. The order cannot be canceled after payment because once the order has taken place, the manufactory starts producing the order.

Does the vendor receive the money immediately after payment?

The money is transferred to the vendor only when Exemore receives and reviews the order carefully to ensure that the item's qualities meet the mentioned descriptions.

How can I add the transfer fees of 3% to the actual sum using a Master Card, Visa, or PayPal?

the customer transfers the money as appears on the screen, which doesn’t include the purchase charge, thereupon Exemore Incur the payment charges.  Note that the payment fees get deducted from the refund in case of order cancellation.

Do you provide secure payment methods?

Exemore operates with secure global payment methods that safeguard both the purchaser and the vendor money.

How can I guarantee that the money will be refunded in case of cancellation?

Exemore will gladly assist you to be refunded, as we operate due to a well-defined trading system outlined by e-commerce experts around the world that grant the customer’s refund. Accordingly, the customer can receive his refund through the same payment method he used, or he can ask to place the refund in his Exemore's cash wallet to be able to make any further purchases effortlessly.

Can I keep money in the Exemore Wallet?

The answer is yes. the user can purchase, receive a refund, and track the remaining balance through Exemore wallet.

What are the benefits of using the Exemore wallet?

Exemore wallet provides the user to earn points, As long as he purchases from our marketplace, through which he can get discounts on Exemore items. Moreover; the Gift cards that the user can earn from Exemore purchasing give him big discounts Exemore products.

How can I get the money that I paid personally to a Vendor on Exemore and without any reference to Exemore?

Exemore accepts no liability and responsibility for any transaction that doesn’t occur on Our Marketplace, We don’t recommend any personal communication with the vendors without Exemore reference in accordance with Exemore ‘s trading system that grants the users’ rights to be refunded, and review or return the products if it didn’t match the specifications.